Creativity Tip #37: Walk in Stupid Every Morning

This week’s tip is borrowed from Dan Wieden, co-founder of Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, OR. His recent talk at the 2013 AdAge Small Agency Conference touched on a number of things, but this one has to do with one’s attitude every single day.

“Walk in stupid every morning” is a philosophy W&K embraces that basically says things have changed in the world since yesterday. Has your perspective or outlook? Don’t assume anything, and be open to everything. Find out what’s going on and how that might alter what you’re doing, or not doing, or thinking, or not thinking.

Creatively, today is a new day. What we did or thought yesterday is old news now. Doesn’t mean we can’t borrow from it or build upon it.

We have a fresh start on a fresh new day. Opportunity’s knocking.

Think of it as your imagination getting refreshed with sparkling clean ideas and a hint of mystery.

Creatively, that mindset can be very powerful. Take advantage of what your senses tell you. Go with what your imagination feeds you.

Then, as Nike would say (pardon me, Dan), “just do it!”

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