Creativity Tip #117

When was the last time you tried to explain something to an 8-year old? Now, when was the last time you tried to explain something to a group of adults? Did you experience the same feelings or results?

When explaining an idea, consider this: If you can explain your idea to an 8-year old, and she gets it, you’re golden. Children force us to think at the core level, without all the garbage adults heap on top.

If you can’t find an 8-year old, try a stuffed animal. You’ll get their undivided attention. If you feel silly in the process, that’s okay; silly is all part of it.

Taking it a step further, try putting the stuffed animal and the 8-year old together for a mini focus group. The worse that could happen – it may get you to think some more.

The Ark Project: Noah’s version has come a long way!

I recently received an email from American Luxury Magazine about a variety of inspiring stories. Even though luxury items and the lifestyle associated with them is evidently the market for the magazine, I was stopped in my tracks when I saw the visual and started reading about a modern day concept called the Ark Project. Talk about innovation! This really got my attention, especially the visuals of this thing.

Quoting here, “Keeping in mind things like climate change and extreme environmental conditions, Russian architect Alexander Remizov, has come up with an eco-friendly floating home that could be constructed in just a few months anywhere in the world – the Ark.

“The Ark has its own independent life support sources and is built to withstand floating through rising sea levels if need be. The Ark works all within itself to heat, cool, and sustain energy. Planting greenery is also a part of living in the Ark, in order to produce oxygen and for decor. Constructing this 151,000 square feet living space would cost roughly the same as building an energy-efficient house according to the Russian architect.”



Alas, creativity and innovation know no bounds. Our society needs more of this, especially when mankind’s betterment is at stake.

Plus, the Ark looks like fun, if not a little imposing!

Creativity Tip #109

Establish your Inner Sanctuary – This is about using your mind and exploiting your imagination to enhance your creativity. According to my friend Felix Scardino during an imagery workshop, we all have a safe haven – in our mind. It’s an atmosphere you create, and you can add or change it anytime you wish.

It may be an actual place you’ve been to before or it may be one you’ve made up.  You can go there anytime, and just being there might spark your creativity, so let your imagination go.

Try this exercise: Get a blank sheet of paper and a writing utensil. Close your eyes and think of a favorite, relaxing place in which you feel very secure and comfortable. Once there, what are you seeing . . . sensing. . .  feeling. . .  touching. . .  experiencing? Have you been here before? Are you the only one here? If not, who else is here?

When you think you have a handle on where you are and what you’re experiencing, open your eyes and start writing whatever your mind tells you. Don’t over analyze this and try not to think too hard. Let your mind do the writing. Do this for about three minutes.

As a follow up practice, once you have your safe haven established, acquaint yourself with either your Aide or your Braintrust.  They reside in your imagination and can be called upon anytime. Your Aide is your confidante. He/she is what you make him/her.  Maybe he’s Uncle Fred or a composite of several folks. After all, it’s your imagination.

The Braintrust is comprised of your heroes, people you trust or who you find interesting. They can change on every visit; that’s up to you. They can be gathered together whenever you want, inside your safe haven. Take your problem or question to them and listen for what they say.

Greetings Earthlings!

Greetings and salutations. Welcome to the new Ideas & MORE blog.

Here you’ll find what many may consider an extension of my web site but the intent is to go into more detail and share thoughts and insights about a variety of topics that fall within the advertising and marketing arena. However, should something strike my fancy or hit a nerve (outside of the marketing arena) that I feel needs to be exercised through discussion, then I hope that can happen, too.

Okay, let the thoughts begin . . .

My first thought: If you can’t laugh at yourself, well, you know.  🙂

Dilbert cartoon with Wally posing an an idea guy

Not all “idea guys” are created equal