RIP John Aguillard: AAF District 10 Legend, Memorial Services Announced

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We, the American Advertising Federation District 10, lost a good friend and a true-to-form legend (and not in his own mind) when John Aguillard passed away a few days ago. If you ever met him at a district conflab or national convention, consider yourself both lucky and blessed. If you didn’t, too bad; you really missed out.

John was a prankster and a very passionate one at that. You also needed to know how to take him. Some folks didn’t and paid the consequences. He was a very quick-witted and smooth-tongued conversationalist, and loved to lure you into one of his “controversial” conversations. He also had a wicked sense of humor.

One of the first times I met John, he dished out some satirical remark, and I responded in a rather direct and satirical manner, and, for a brief moment, John wasn’t sure what to do. He quickly shot back his delight in getting that kind of reaction from me and remarked to a friend sitting next to him, “I like this guy!”

One of my fondest memories was when we were involved in a major discussion one year in Dallas in the Hospitality Suite until about 3:30 in the morning. I was joined by Frank Kopec (Dallas), John (San Antonio), me (Houston), Darrell Boyd (Lake Charles) and one or two others. I was proud that despite the late hour (or early depending on your perspective), there was plenty of respect to be had.

After that, during a conference we were hosting in Houston, he asked my approval to have me give a report on our revival of the Only in Houston program and to explain how we put it together. He wanted to point out a good example of a club adhering to basic principles of organization and passion to accomplish something worthwhile. I indeed felt honored to do so.

So we are left with now and the memories each of us have of this very humbled legend we knew, loved and admired as John Aguillard. He has gone way too soon and has left a trail of tears and smiles, of laughs and cries, of ringing cell phones when they shouldn’t ring and of just chuckling to ourselves when and after the Prankster has struck.

RIP, my friend. May God help Heaven as the Prankster makes his presence known!


John was first and foremost a friend and mentor to EVERYONE he met. A graduate of St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, with studies in English language, John’s career in advertising started with Group 400 as Creative Director. He moved to Morley & Associates in the early 90’s where he became a partner before opening his own shop at Wisdom-Group.

His love for the American Advertising Federation was immeasurable and spanned nearly four decades of service. If there was a call to action John always stepped up. He served in every capacity for his home club AAF-San Antonio including as President. In typical John style he adopted a second “home” club in AAF-Corpus Christi.

His service to the AAF-Tenth District included chairing many district committees and ultimately as AAF Tenth District Governor in 2004-2005. Governor Aguillard’s passion for AAF service went on to include Chairmanship of the national AAF Council of Governors. John’s numerous awards and recognition include the Silver Medal Award presented by AAF-San Antonio and the Sterling Service Award 2005 by the American Advertising Federation Tenth District. John Aguillard

Our brother, our prankster, and always a ray of sunshine will be forever missed. “Yes John, we’re talking about you!” – Past D10 Governor Brad Snyder


RIP, John!


Tuesday, May 19th, 2020

9:00 am
St. Matthew Catholic Church
10703 Wurzbach Road
San Antonio, TX 78230

EMAIL | 361.331.1548

Visitation and recitation of the rosary followed by memorial mass.
Church allowing attendance equal to 25% capacity or approx. 225 people.
Safe measures and face masks are encouraged.

Funeral Home:
Angelus Funeral Home:
1119 North Saint Mary’s Street
San Antonio, 78215

In lieu of flowers, donations to the
Advertising Education Sponsorship
fund can be made HERE

2 thoughts on “RIP John Aguillard: AAF District 10 Legend, Memorial Services Announced

  1. Link to foundation does not appear to work. It looks like it’s covered by an ad! Blessings on John.

    • Link to AES was part of a previous email I did not send, and, unfortunately, the formatting did not carry through; I didn’t notice it so I could have refreshed the link.

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