Do You Really Want to Park There? Beware the Hologram!

I was taken with this ad the first time I saw it. I was also quite unnerved. Why don’t we see more of this kind of campaign in the USA?
More than 30% of the drivers in Russia take disabled parking spaces without caring about the signs on the ground. Dislife, a Russian non-profit organization, came up with a powerful campaign to stop this inconsiderate behavior.
They installed projections of a real disabled person that popped up every time a non-disabled driver tried to park in their space. Special cameras verified the presence of the disabled sticker on their windshields and if no sticker was detected, the hologram would appear to confront the driver. Watch the stunt in action below.

Unnerving as it may be, the campaign is a great use of technology to deliver a powerful message. The agency is Y&R, Moscow. Bravo!

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